Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Organizing Girl's Closet ...

Organizing Girl's Closet...

This is my finished basket project for my girls' closet... I have 2 daughters that share a bedroom...We are lucky enough to have a walk-in closet in their rooom, however it would still get to the point where we couldn't walk in there, I didn't have enough hanging space for our youngest's clothes, and nothing in there had a "spot"..
 I lOVE light green with pink, so I picked up more baskets at dollar tree for 1 buck each...
 I went to walmart and bought a book of cardstock paper for $5.oo, some letters for $3.25 a pack (I wanted to try something more fancy instead of writing my own), and a roll of decorative
ribbon (not wired)
..I love the pink damask design!
 I wrote down what I needed baskets for and made sure I had enough letters etc.
 I used a circle cutter to cut the cardstock, glued them together, added the letters then I used my laminater for the tags (you don't have to laminate, I just happen to own one) I then punched a hole at the top of the tags..
 I used the decorative ribbon to tie the tags to the baskets..
 I also picked up a closet rod extender at Menards for $3.49 now we have much more hanging space on the younger daughter's side....
I also purchased a shoerack from walmart for about 10 bucks that is on their closet door that holds all their shoes and boots!
I can't believe this was the most nightmare closet in our house before and now it's my favorite!!
SoooOOooo Pretty I just lOve this closet now!!!!!

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