Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Keep Kid's & House Papers Organized!!!

So my first area of our house (probably the most important) to organize was the paper pile box by the front kitchen window. I needed to set up a "system" that keeps them organized. I knew if I tried to keep papers coming in somewhere other then the kitchen it wouldn't work,  I would just create another paper pile by the front kitchen window...I knew I wanted magazine holders (1 for each child) and a separate one for the "house" papers coming in....I bought 4 black magazine holders from Target for 5 dollars a piece and 2 packs of decorative folders..I wrote each child's name on the label part of the magazine holder and on the 4th one I wrote house...
For the KID'S magazine holders..
The idea is for the decorative folders each be labeled each activity the child may be in and of course a school folder...then when they come home with permission slips, homework and notes they go straight into THEIR OWN school folder...
For the HOUSE magazine holder..
I went through that paper pile and looked to see how to I have a spot for everything I quickly found out how many folders I needed so that everything had a place..
1.Coupons (those coupons that come in the mail, papers, check out at stores)
2.Papers to file (pay stubs, papers I am saving from the kids, anything that needs to go downstairs to my filing cabinet)
4.Pictures the kids made me (this was important as I have 2 daughters who LOVE to make me pictures and cards at home, I put them all in this folder and grab my favorites and put them in their memories bins (I will show you the bins on a later blog;))
5.Things to read (papers I need to read)
I like these in my kitchen because let's face it I live in the kitchen and it's by the front door, where they empty their backpacks and mail gets set, I have had this system for a couple months now and doing this has saved me sooOOOoo  much time from trying to find papers we need, I just simply locate the folder that ballet form is in that needs to be signed and I knew exactly where it was!!! Ahhhh!! So this is the project that got me excited and pumped to make my WHOLE house organized!!!!

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